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Nua by Omelette Editions

A highly versatile armchair


Nua is a new armchair with distinctive charm launched by Omelette Editions manufacturer of contemporary lighting and furniture. Designed by the renowned Barcelona based Altherr Désile Park studio. The design is equally suitable for residential use or contract applications.

The chair is generous in its dimensions and deceptive in its simplicity. The original inspiration comes from the rounded shape of its circumference. A timber rail, that forms the backrest, connects with four angled legs, sitting on top with a recessed, shadow detail joint. The legs support the soft upholstered seating element which forms the most voluminous part of the chair. The name Nua trips lightly off the tongue and its pronunciation and adaptable to different languages.

  • Nua by Omelette Editions
  • Nua by Omelette Editions


    Nua is made from quality, natural materials such as oak and ash timber and is available in four different colours: natural oak, black ash, rust and blue. With regard to the upholstery of the seating element, it can be made in any fabric offered by the Omelette Editions catalogue, which includes different collections from the main suppliers. Fabrics ranging from PES (polyester) to wool and cotton. In addition, Nua also offers the possibility of combining the four different colours of the wooden structure, backrest and legs, with the fabric of the seat, to create customised designs.

  • Nua by Omelette Editions