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The market leader in Scandinavian design Normann Copenhagen presents its latest collections of furniture and lighting for 2014 at the Barcelona concept store specialising in all things Scandinavian, Nordicthink. The exhibition opened last October 23rd and is on view together with many other iconic design products from the northern territories.

This is the largest selection of Normann Copenhagen products ever exhibited within a commercial gallery space in Spain. Codeco Import, the representatives of Normann Copenhagen in Spain organised this collaboration in order to promote the brand to a wider public in this country. The presentation included the lead Danish designer for the firm Simon Legald who explained how he designed many of the pieces in the new 2014collection and what the creative process involves:

“When designing a piece of furniture I always keep the production process in mind. I try to minimize it by avoiding unnecessary elements and materials, etc. that would make the piece more expensive to produce. In my opinion it’s important that the end result is affordable without sacrificing quality.

When I think about designing a product, I like to think about which part can be made using traditional craft based methods and which parts can be produced industrially. I think to get a good result a part of the overall process has to involve craftsmanship.

A well-made piece should be well finished overall, what you can see and what you have to look a little harder to see.”

  • nordicthink

    View of the design exhibtion Normann Copenhagen at the Nordicthink showroom

  • Simon Legald

    Designer Simon Legald together with Iben Andresen, southern Europe Export Manager for Normann Copenhagen

    Some of the pieces designed by Simon Legald include: the Era chari, the Form chair, the Nyhavn vase, the Onkel couch, the Amp lamp, the Ikono lamp and Kabino sideboard.

  • Bau Nature

    Bau Nature, pendant lamp shade collection

  • Bau multicolour

    Bau multicolour with One Step Up Bookcase

  • Onkel sofa

    Onkel sofa with Block table

  • Onkel sofa

    detail view of Onkel sofa armrest

  • Geo Tea Time Frost

    Geo Tea Time Frost, plastic tea service

  • Cap table lamp

    Cap table lamp

  • Cap table lamp

    Cap table lamp

  • Craft series

    Craft series, kitchen utensils collection

  • knot chair

    Knot chair, black

  • Pocket organizer

    Pocket organizer, plastic containers fixed to the walls

  • Plastic organizer
  • Bell Lamp

    Bell lamp, pendant light fitting

    Normann Copenhagen


    Paul Madsen and Jan Andersen joined forces to create Normann Copenhagen in 1999. The duo opened a small shop in Copenhagen where they sold the design products of various brands as well as their own homemade creations. Normann Copenhagen products are characterized by their iconic forms, making them instantly recognizable. They follow the clearly established lines of a minimalist Scandinavian design language. The designs often feature elements of traditional craftsmanship combined with new materials and industrial production, but above all they are Normann Copenhagen products are characterized by striking and original contemporary design which will stand the test of time.