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Mynt store

Timber craft for fashion accessories

By Dear design, Fotos/Photos: Xavi Torrent 05.03.15

Dear Design, the creative studio founded in Barcelona back in 2005 was commissioned to design the first Flagship store for Mynt the fashion accessory brand within a very well know shopping centre in the city.

The design of the MYNT fit-out is generated by a three dimensional grid that acts as a second skin for the enclosed space, a visually permeable volume that sets up an order within the space which at the same times provides niches for the display of the goods. The repetitive structural framework is based on the Fibonacci sequence, in the way that the constituent elements are repeated progressively.

  • Mynt
  • Mynt


    Each accessory is given its own exhibition space, creating an eclectic collection of objects within a few square meters, combining different styles, shapes and colours.

    The materials are used in their pure unadulterated state: unpainted plaster, coloured concrete, timber. The shelving structure has been provided with a light white varnish exposing the grain and texture of the wood. The expanded metal shelving used in different scales throughout acts as a light sieve, generating textures through the display cases.

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    Light is considered as an additional building material in the way that it articulates the grid and highlights the products. A mirror on the ceiling creates a multiplying effect and generates a spatial continuity. 

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    The centre of the space is occupied by a display counter that also works as a cash point, a solid volume with fractured geometry, almost a sculptural presence amid the grid that adds to the sense of order.

    At the rear of the shop a series of timber panels with a milled finish hide the sliding storage modules. The shop facade reinforces the idea of layers and reveals more of the interior space within as one gets closer. Three 'display windows' act as a product showcase within this façade, the entrance treated in a similar way.