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Mon Oncle, a BBQ case

RS Barcelona


RS Barcelona reinvents the classic concept of the barbecue with its latest product Mon Oncle. Closed, it’s like an elegant briefcase with an aged retro character. A briefcase with a surprise within. Open it up and it becomes a portable tabletop barbecue; innovative, durable and highly functional. Can be used at home, on the terrace or balcony, on a Sunday with your buddies after a game or on a starry night in more intimate company. You can take it to the beach with the family or organize a picnic with friends. Mon Oncle is portable and can be disassembled and cleaned quickly and easily.

The barbeque is made from steel coated with fireproof paint. The entire structure is perforated with small holes which are designed for more than mere aesthetic purposes. These holes allow air to circulate allowing a more powerful heat supply to the grill and prevent the structure from overheating.

  • RS Barcelona
  • Mon Oncle

    RS Barcelona recommends the use of eco coconut shell charcoal for its Mon Oncle barbeque: there is no flame, it retain more heat and generates very little smoke. In addition, No trees are felled because the raw material is coconut shell, neither are any chemical additives used. 100% organic.

  • Mon Oncle
  • Mon Oncle

    Available in three colours, grey, blue and green. Mon Oncle Barbeque is designed by Mermelada.