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Style + substance

By Brian Gallagher 01.10.20

MODO Barcelona is a small furniture manufacturer based in Barcelona with big ideas in accessories, lamps and basic pieces like tables and chairs. The designs are marked by their colourful use of terrazzo featured in practically all the pieces expressed through simple geometric forms. The structures and shapes are defined by a constructivist approach which results in a series of collections that are both elemental and exuberant. Inspired by the Mediterranean and the emotional impact of design the pieces have an Art Deco classic quality.

The company is the brain child of Javier del Toro, An industrial designer and graduate of ELISAVA, Escuela Universitaría de Diseño y Ingeniería de Barcelona. The materials are expressed in their raw state, polished terrazzo, chrome, powder coated aluminium, metal etc. Founded in 2019 all the products are manufactured in Barcelona, the company has its own factory where the pieces are hand made according to craft techniques. All the furniture and accessories can be supplied its to Spain and within Europe, international shipping is also possible depending on the order.

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    Gravity Vase

    The Gravity Vase is inspired by Roman amphoras. Inspired by the amphoras of the Roman Empire that were designed for commercial use in markets. They used the golden ratio to define the geometry of these vases. Gravity Vase has been developed with the same principle of geometry: the golden ratio to work on the harmony of forms.

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    COTA Side Table

    The COTA Auxiliary Table comes in two versions, the standard and the Large version. The geometry of this piece is based on the architectural principle of the interlocking of materialities. Its legs, made of solid aluminum, hold an authentic terrazzo sheet cut to size by fitting their two-tube geometry, as if it were a puzzle.

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    Lámpara MET

    MET  is defined by the junction between terrazzo slabs and matte glass spheres, a sculptural lighting collection. An abstract approach to lighting that elevates the terrazzo to a work of art, while also providing it with functionality. Two terrazzo slabs support a high-quality matte glass sphere: when illuminated, it creates a warm Mediterranean atmosphere, suitable for all spaces.

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    COTA Dining Table

    COTA dining tables are the maximum exponent and formal development of the twin tube concept. The collection incorporates the geometric game in all its components, the entire structure of the table is formed by means of twin tubes that generate the characteristic effect of the family of tables. Made entirely of aluminum, suitable for both indoors and outdoors.