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Modernism(s). Barcelona Architecture, 1924-1975

Building modernism


Roca Barcelona Gallery, in collaboratio with the School of Architecture – UIC, hosts the architectural exhibition ‘Modernidad(es). Arquitectura en Barcelona, 1924-1975’. An exhibition of some of the most emblematic buildings constructed in Barcelona between two significant dates: 1924, when the Commonwealth of Catalonia was abolished by the first dictatorship government, and 1975, ending the second dictatorship to make way for the restoration of democracy. Between these two key moments, there occurred the Second Republic and the Spanish Civil War.

The exhibition features different models of Barcelona buildings designed during that period which invite reflection about the concepts behind Modernism and the understanding of the historical facts and cultural influences in art and architecture of that time. An era when different architectural languages existed side by side, as can be seen with buildings like the Casa Planells, th Casa Vilaró or the Clínica Barraquer. This artistic influence was the result of local Catalan architects looking towards the rest of Europe and the political and social movements of that time.

  • Building Modernism
  • Building Modernism


    Among the most prominent figures included are Oriol Bohigas and Josep Maria Pujol, which the Roca Barcelona Gallery specifically wanted to commemorate with this exhibition curated by the architect and teacher Guillem Carabí Bescós which includes 26 scale models put together by students from the School of Architecture – UIC. In addition to the models of each of the buildings analyzed, the students have designed a second in which they reinterpret some of the most important characteristics of modernist architecture making it more relevant to current requirements and available resources.

  • Building Modernism


    On October 1st Fredy Massad will chair a colloquium at the Roca Gallery Barcelona to discuss the themes behind this exhibition, consult the web for details.

  • From 01 September to 17 October
  • Roca Gallery Barcelona
  • Joan Güell, 211-213, 08007 Barcelona.