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Mini Munich

Flag Ship Store La Roca Village

By Brian Gallagher 23.10.13

The Barcelona fashion footwear brand has recently reopened its children’s shoes shop located in La Roca Village, the Mecca for outlet shopping situated en La Roca del Vallés. Architects practice Dear Design has created a world filled with imagination and magic. Going through the entrance door to the Mini Munich shop leaving behind the world of the Modernisme inspired architecture behind is to enter a kids’ scale wonderland.

Measuring 35 sq.m. the shop is predominantly white inside, the walls are lined with rounded shelves and backlit panels displaying the footwear with porthole type openings that have LED screens fitted which are synchronised to project images of undersea worlds and outer space. Future mariners and astronauts can explore the depths of the oceans or the exotic rarified atmospheres while shopping for new and highly trendy footwear.

  • photos © Xavi Mañosa

    MUNICH is a sports and fashion footwear label founded in Barcelona in 1939, renowed for its commitment to design and quality. Mini Munich is the children’s footwear line that includes mini versions of the adult footwear as well as specifically designed kids’ models.