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Micro Architecture

Multipurpose Furniture / 5LAB

By Redacción 21.01.14

The project aims to create a new space within the attic area of a private residence that can function independently. The idea of accommodating various requirements within the same space made it necessary to use the lower part of the attic roof structure, which is hidden and was underused. The living space can thus be transformed into whatever use is required during the course of the day, at times becoming a study, a dining room, or a bedroom ... All this is made possible through a bespoke furniture installation that contains within all the elements necessary for these uses. A cabinet which when closed maximises the space in the room but which also neatly stores separate items of furniture such as a dining table, bed, wardrobe etc.

Roberto Paparcone (Naples, 1971) and Iñigo Gómez (Guipúzcoa, 1971) are the founding partners of 5LAB, a multifaceted design and architecture project based in Barcelona. 5LAB specialises in excellently realized customised projects, in which form and function are equally valued.

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