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Table for 12

By Brian Gallagher 29.03.14

LOLA is an adjustable dining table designed by Pepe Andreu and manufactured by Italian firm Dessié. Its design is contemporary classic with clean lines and an elegant functional design that allows for three different configurations, circular, elongated and when fully extended rounded rectangular shape which can accommodate up to 10 people easily. Presented at the recently reopened Arkitektura showroom on C/ Julián Romea 16 the designer was in attendance to illustrate how the table can be adjusted.

It consists of three different kinds of wood: walnut (used for the structure and envelope), oak (for the opening and closing mechanism) and wenge, also for the table top.


Position 1: 140cm diameter (accomodates 8)

Position 2: 185 x 140cm (with 2 extensions, up to 10 people)

Position 3: 185 x 185cm (with 4 extensions, up to 12 people)

* The extension panels can be stored within a module specifically produced for this model.


  • LOLA
  • LOLA
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    Pepe Andreu

    Pepe Andreu, furniture restorer, cabinetmaker and designer, has worked in his Barcelona workshop for several years. He learned his craft at the Instituto per l'Arte e il Restaro of Florence as well as at the Sotheby's auction house in London, were he started off his career which has increasingly been focused on producing his own handcrafted collection. Pepe Andreu’s creative process is inspired by the traditional working crafts skills of old, with patience and attention to detail as basic elements, making him an unusual figure in the world of contemporary industrial design.