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Living Nature at Home

Jordi Piqué at La Chinata Raval


Artist and designer Jordi Piqué will be exhibiting his recent work at the Chinata Raval exhibition space form the 9th of April through till the end of May. Living Nature at Home features a collection of furniture/sculptures which form part of an ongoing collection SOKA.

The industrial designer works in a number of different areas including interior and furniture design as well as sculpture, jewellery and ephemeral architecture. Respect for the environment and the pursuit of purity have inspired Jordi Piqué with the creation SOKA, an innovative project composed of furniture and exclusive decorative pieces made from the wood of olive trees, treated as unique one-of sculptures.

  • Living Nature at Home
  • Living Nature at Home


    Piqué has developed a process which involves the recycling of the olive tree wood,  completing the life cycle of Spain’s most emblematic timber, capturing its spirit and converting its death into the start of a new dimension.

  • Living Nature at Home


    The soul of the olive tree, its wood, its aroma and its essence of timeless character are combined with Piqué’s creativity in a complex and highly contemporary production process where each piece is treated individually. The basement exhibition space of La Chinata Barcelona Raval, is an impressive venue for the promotion of the arts and culture, there is a regular programme of changing local, national and international artists.

  • Living Nature at Home

    La Chinata strives to spread the culture of extra virgin olive oil as a product essential to human welfare and health, La Chinataalso sells gourmet quality products with a complete line of cosmetics whose active ingredient is the AOVE.

  • From 09 April to 31 May
  • Oleoteca La Chinata Barcelona Raval
  • Carrer dels Angels, 20 08003
  • www.lachinata.es