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Live / Work Poblenou

External Reference Architects

By Brian Gallagher, Photos: Lorenzo Patuzzo 24.02.14

The changing nature of the modern family unit and the manner in which we inhabit our domestic realms is the subject of this refurbishment project located in the Poblenou neighbourhood which itself has been transformed since the Olympics from a light industrial zone to a residential/high tech hub. The client for this live/work space is an industrial designer and art director who is also closely connected to the world of fashion, advertising and the decorative arts in general. The project consisted in the conversion of an industrial warehouse (formerly used as a mechanical workshop for taxi repairs) into a multimedia recording studio, design showroom, gourmet dining meeting space, casting and audition studio, fashion catwalk and finally a home. Specifically 400 m2 for work related activities and 80m2 for the client’s apartment.

In the words of the architects, “The project therefore acquired some exceptional requirements. We were forced to confront the proximity of highly collective spaces (bearing in mind the people involved in a shoot) together with other more private and personal uses. This informed all design decisions that we took, shaping the domestic aspect which at all time is also understood as a shared space. In this sense, the outgoing and energetic personality of the client is reflected in the project. His friends and work contacts are very important to him, their presence and needs are also part of the brief so that the space is transformed into a kind of stage set where public and private interact with few apparent boundaries.”

  • External Reference Architects
  • The ground floor area is used as the multimedia studio while the first floor is used for castings and fashion shows as well as the client’s living space. Services (kitchen and bathroom) and storage are accommodated behind sliding doors while a central dais is used for seating and to store the pull out bed underneath. A two storey structural metal screen connects both levels and provides visual separation also providing a storage system for the client’s eclectic collection of objects.