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Second Life. Handmade Jarapas by Luis Rueda


Luis Rueda (Paco Rueda, Little Paco) presents in Studio Store his Japaca Handmade Jarapas project, curated by LaFede Van San, and combining craftsmanship, tradition and sustainability. There you can learn about the making of japacas and the new collection will be on sale, with exclusive designs by Rueda.

Japaca is a brand of tapestries/rugs designed and produced in the Andalusian village of Casarabonela, declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1995, with restored looms from the 1930s, which gave rise to this characteristic fabric, whose ethnological value presides over the philosophy of the label. Japaca brings together the recovery of techniques, meanings, elements and intentions that return us to an imaginary linked to the land, to the family, and to a know-how that has transcended generations.

These jarapas are made with recycled wool, cotton and linen, from shirts, trousers and jackets, and obtained from an ecological and eco-friendly process. The product is, at the same time, rustic, timeless, innovative and contemporary.

Until December 5th, if you donate cotton, wool or linen clothes that you no longer use, you will enter a draw for a japaca (the winner will be announced on December 9th). And during the next month of January, they will sale samples, experimental pieces, prototypes and also the summer collection at special prices.


    © Maite Caram√©s Pons

  • © Maite Caramés Pons

  • From 23 November to 09 December
  • Studio Store
  • Comer√ß, 17. 08003 Barcelona
  • www.japaca.es