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Independent Collections

By Brian Gallagher 28.06.12

The very antitheses of Ikea and Habitat and their hegemony in the contemporary furniture market. The featured pieces on the following pages are an eclectic collection celebrating the work of both young and more experienced artists, some establishing their credentials in the world of design and others continuing to set new standards. Each piece has a story and a life behind it, told through form and craft and precision.


Boca do Lobo. Colección ‘Limited Edition’                                                              www.bocadolobo.com

Highly specialised crafted items of furniture that combine literal references to the past and eclectic stylistic influences together with a superior carpentry, marquetry and cabinetry skill. Both large and small scale pieces. In barcelona, exclusively available at Mar de Cava.

  • ‘Diamond sideboard’

  • 'Pixel cabinet'

  •  ‘Royal dinning table’


    Máximo Riera. Colección 'Animal Chair'                                                                            www.maximoriera.com

    Máximo Riera is a Spanish sculptor, photographer and painter who also creates specific furniture pieces. With clear surrealist influences and a nod to Salvador Dalí the 'Animal Chair' collection pays homage to the world’s fauna and the beauty of each living thing. top: ‘octopus’. bottom: ‘walrus’.

  • ‘Octopus’

  • 'Rhino'

  • ‘Walrus’


    Lobster’s Day. Colección 'Anti-c'                                                                    www.lobstersday.com

    High end outdoor and terrace furniture with a retro quality. The Vic (Barcelona), based company combines a young collective of designers together with an experienced manufacturer. The collections are defined by an interest in experimentation and bold use of colour as a well as an imaginative presentation. On sale at Mar de Cava.

  • 'Anti-C' Photography: © Las Coleccionistas

  • 'Anti-C'