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Tropical interior landscape

By Brian Gallagher 16.01.13

The inexorable resurgence of Avenida Paralelo continues apace, the latest addition is a restaurant belonging to the Ikebana restaurant group at No. 148, on the corner with C. Rocafort where the food is inspired by the cultures of Brazil and Japan. Ikebana in Japanese means the art of flower arranging which provides the inspiration for El Equipo Creativo the architects and designers of this interior landscape project that makes use of natural materials, tropical planting and colour scheme as well as practical and hygienic surfaces like stainless steel. Together with El Molino, Tickets, 41 ° and other recently opened bars and restaurants the area is recuperating some of its former glory when it was the throbbing heart of Barcelona nightlife.

Ikibana Paral·lel is the city’s second Ikibana (the original is located within the borne neighbourhood) the corner site benefits from ample direct sunlight during the day which is attenuated by the use of frosted glass strips and planting within the display windows facing directly onto the avenue. Internally the bars and open plan food preparation areas are distributed throughout the space with the diner’s seating divided between the counters and a series of free standing timber boats or islands where groups can be accommodated around brightly coloured leaf shaped tables. Strips of wood, organic plants and flowers adorn the ceilings, together with the planting incorporated within the display windows and behind the bars we find ourselves in a tropical landscape with contrasting illumination and bright colours used in a highly controlled manner.

  • View of the Ikibana Paralelo interior

    © Francisco Urrutia

  • Ikibana's facade to the emblematic Av. Paralelo

    At all times the eye is engaged whether it be the space itself, the design of the utensils and serving dishes, the free movement of the waiters and other customers around the interior. The perfect compliment to the texture and colour of the food served here inspired by the cultural fusion of Brazil and Japan. El Equipo Creativo is made up of Natali Canas del Pozo and Oliver Franz Schmidt who are also the designers of the nearby Tickets tapas restaurant and 41° cocktail bar.

    © Francisco Urrutia

  • View of tables inspired by floating boats

    © Francisco Urrutia

  • Food preparartion areas in full view

    © Francisco Urrutia

  • Interior tropical landscape

    © Francisco Urrutia

  • Stanless steel finishes to the bathroom areas

    © Francisco Urrutia

  • www.elequipocreativo.com
  • Ikibana Restaurant and Cocktails,
  • Avenguda del Paral.lel 148, 08015 Barcelona
  • Tel. 93 424 46 48