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Eyescream and friends

By Brian Gallagher 04.04.13

Walking along Passeig de Joan de Borbó on a sunny day with a sea breeze coming in from the Mediterranean thoughts can easily turn to ice-cream, if that is the case a new ice cream parlour has just opened at No. 30 that that makes taking a detour to Barceloneta very much worthwhile. Combining an innovative product with a fun corporate image and interesting interior eyescream and friends is the first venture of two local entrepreneurs who hope to create a franchise.


Recently opened back in September 2012 by founders Joad López and Federico Mendoza after travelling to Asia and spotting a type of "shaved ice" popular in Taiwan. Adapting the product to the local Barcelona market using Italian gelato rather than the flavoured ice and serving it with a choice of side toppings served within a biodegradable cardboard type tray that is unlike anything else around. The design input for both corporate image and product was provided by M Studio Barcelona (www.m-m.es), designers of Happy Pills and Delishop. While the name Eyescream is a play of words on the product itself and the decorative sugar ‘eyes’ served with each helping suggested by Jorge Virgós (www.jorgevirgos.com)

  • A view of the shop interior

  • Corporate image designed by the M Store team

    The interior is low tech and budget but nevertheless clever and functional, dominated by the ‘flavour’ monsters reflected in the logos and instructions; Customers find an array of toppings and other accoutrements laid out on plywood boxes informally arranged within a simple interior that celebrates its semi-deconstructed shell like state.

  • Ice creams are served in unusual biodegradable trays packaging

  • A fun and appetising graphic design approach

  • Customers can choose from a selection of toppings

  • Founders Fede & Joad at work