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Hilton Barcelona Refurbishment

Matteo Thun


The newly transformed Barcelona Hilton (the hotel first opened in Barcelona coinciding with the Olympics of ’92) aims to reproduce the spirit, freshness and cosmopolitan atmosphere of modern day Barcelona. In order to do so a complete overhaul of the 289 rooms, 13 suites, Mosaic restaurant, The Vibe Bar and outside terrace was undertaken. The London based office of Bevis Design Associates was hired for the architectural and interior design commission while the public areas including the spectacular entrance atrium is the work of Matteo Thun.

The entrance was conceived as a spectacular open dynamic space with changing and versatile structures that can adapt as circumstances require. The main feature of this space is the Jacopo Foggini sculpture installation, a suspended art work that evokes the movement of the Mediterranean Sea. It’s composed of multiple recycled orange and red polycarbonate elements that contrast with the predominantly white surroundings.

  • With The Vibe Bar and the other informal meeting spaces three elements have been added in line with all the Hilton chain interiors; accessible technology, a flexible layout and a local gastronomic offering. “We have transformed a 20 year old building into a stylish contemporary urban space. Hilton Barcelona is not just a hotel but also an open and dynamic place that looks after the continually changing needs of its clients,” explains Matteo Thun.

  • With the Mosaic restaurant the huge lighting installation on the ceiling is a site specific creation by BMLD, the Barcelona based lighting design studio directed by Brigit Walter. The design team was limited in certain aspects, such as not been able to touch the suspended ceilings for example. The end result however is spectacular developed in collaboration with Julio López who also produced the Leds C4. The restaurant’s chairs are from Ziru, designed by Francesc Rifé.

  • For the hotel bedrooms Bevis Design Associates have opted for a balance between the use of fabrics and organic leather, American walnut timber and lacquered finishes. Spanish furniture manufacturers have also played a role in the refurbishment, selected fitted furniture pieces and installations were provided by Frapont and Artesanos de Vilafortuny.

  • The furniture used for the lobby and The Vibe Bar was sourced from firms including Ziru, De Sede, B&B Italia, Gervasoni and Meridiani. The long curtains hanging from the third floor and which separate the different zones of the lobby are by Gancedo.