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Gothic Quarters

Apartment refurb in the Gótico

By Brian Gallagher 20.12.13

This refurbishment project for a residence within the Gothic Quarter was designed for two brothers who spent part of their childhood in Barcelona and wanted to retain a connection with the city. In order to realise the ultimate possibilities offered by the project the architect first convinced the client to think of the space as a microcosm of the city itself, where the small cellular spaces of the original apartment are banished and a new social environment is created that makes maximum impact on entry.

References to Barcelona’s past and local design are used throughout; the hydraulic floor tiles, the bedroom tower that evokes Coderch’s Barceloneta apartment building, the tall ceilings and metal gangways. Undoubtedly the main protagonist of the project is the triangular ceramic floor tiles which are graded from public to private (red to green) using 36 different variations on the triangular geometry that combines both colours. The tiles were made by a local firm and involved developing new manufacturing techniques.

  • The triangular floor plan is bookended by the bedrooms located on a mezzanine level which are connected to en-suite bathrooms via a metal gallery that turns into a bookcase for the middle section. Service spaces are tucked away out of view and what remains in an extraordinary main space with elegant balconies onto the street that effectively becomes almost an urban space in itself. The boundary between interior design and architecture disappears in this award winning design.