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God Reboot

By Brian Gallagher 16.11.12

Whatever our cultural background the great questions surrounding our existence have been contemplated universally by all societies very often resulting in some of the most breathtaking works of art, architecture and literature dedicated to an overseeing and all powerful divinity whether it be Allah, Vishnu or God. Religion responds to the most primal of all questions; Who are we? Where do we come from? And why are here?

Religion and culture are so intertwined that it’s become almost impossible to separate our cultural identities from the centuries of tradition surrounding Christianity in Europe which organises the calendar year, dominates most towns and villages with its churches and religious buildings. Even our language is permeated by religious expressions and concepts. In the age before internet, TV or cinema it was the local churches that became the repository of the image where the message was communicated by art and architecture. Over the recent generations however western societies are becoming secularised and the previous wealth of patrimony is in danger of obsolescence, either new uses must be found or these historical records from our past are destined to fall into decay.