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By Brian Gallagher 06.07.22

The lighting sector has been revolutionised in recent years with great advances in lighting technology. Today we can do things with light that previously could only be dreamed about. However with so much complicated technology it’s only natural to need some guidance, whether you are a lighting professional or just interested in the possibilities of designing light. This is precisely what Faro has provided at their shared showroom with Biosca Botey, the Lighting Lab is a specially designed space, accessed through the main showroom that explains everything you need to know about creating an ambience through light.

In addition to the Lighting Lab Faro Barcelona presents its new comprehensive architectural lighting catalogue. Its most complete one to date, a collection with more than 20 lighting solutions that combine design and technology for every imaginable situate; office, hospital and residential lighting projects. A work tool created so that architects, lighting designers and other lighting professionals can develop their projects with the best results.

  • Lighting Lab FARO
  • Lighting Lab FARO
  • Lighting Lab FARO


    Light, its intensity and colour temperature, play a crucial role in the production of hormones that influence people's mood, activity and sleep patterns.

  • Lighting Lab FARO
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