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Estiluz new iPad application

  • Estiluz New iPad Application

Recently presented at Barcelona’s emblematic Biosca & Botey Showroom an application that allows lamp fittings to be visualised within the selected setting. All that’s required is an iPad or iPhone and a printer in order to get an idea of how the lamp will appear. Estiluz is a Catalan decorative lighting company has created this application to help both professionals and other clients choose the right fitting. 

It works by downloading the software and printing a target on paper and positioning it where the lamp will be located, choose the digital version of the lamp and point the device at the target and voila the lamp appears in three dimensions, allowing it to be seen from any angle as well as offering the possibility to change finish, size, colour and accessories in order to select the exact model. The ‘Estiluz’ application can be downloaded free from AppStore and the ‘targets’ can be printed from the Estiluz web or Facebook page. For a real time trial visit the Biosca & Botey Showroom. Avda. Diagonal 458, Barcelona.