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Elisava summer penthouse

Learning through making


This summer a temporary structure constructed of standard cuts of timber provides a penthouse level space over the ElisAva located in the Gothic neighbourhood of Barcelona. Students of Elisava built this summer pavilion made with 3km of wood supervied by the architect Eugeni Bach and graphic artist Anthony Burrill.

A team of students from Elisava, Barcelona University School of Design and Engineering, constructed an ephemeral summer pavilion located on the roof top of the third floor of the school in under a week. The project is the result of a workshop given by Eugeni Bach, Barcelona architect and co-founder of the architecture studio Anna & Eugeni Bach, and Anthony Burrill, graphic artist who has been exhibited in important museums of London and New York as well as galleries around the world in addition to working for brands such as Apple and Google.

  • Elisava summer penthouse
  • Elisava summer penthouse


    The installation is titled 3kms, the linear measurement of the total wood used for its construction. Inspired by the pragmatic teachings of Italian designer Enzo Mari, the aim of the project was to respond to the theme "creativity within simple means". With this premise a pavilion has been built, with the minimum materials and possible tools. The structure is formed from 660 rods of 45 x 45mm thick pine measuring 4.5 m in length. The upper part of the pavilion structure supports 18 mm MDF graphic panels (Medium Density Fibre), designed and made using Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) machines to provide a unique design to each panel that provides the inspirational and functional character to the pavilion.

  • Elisava summer penthouse
  • Elisava summer penthouse


    The project is the result of a workshop with a multidisciplinary team of students from the Masters in Ephemeral Architecture and Temporary Spaces (MEATS) in collaboration with students of the Masters in Graphic Design of Elisava (MDG). One of the challenges of the project was its temporary nature, it had to be designed and built in less than a week. The process and final result provided a real life problem for the students to come up with a real built in a limited time. Eugeni Bach explains that “There are many decisions that have to be made when a building is delivered in a public environment in a short period of time, and we wanted to make the students aware of this critical situation.” The students learned to work in a team situation with members from different disciplines.

  • Elisava summer penthouse

    Image of Eugeni Bach with Anthony Burrill

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