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Eixample housing apartment

Elía Felices estudio + RED


Laid out almost 160 years ago Barcelona’s Eixample neighbourhoods continue to be wonderful places to reside, with tree lines streets and majestic architecture, each individual block or manzana almost constitutes a self-sufficient neighbourhood in itself with all the amenities live in the city. Traditionally the apartments here have a typical layout with generous spaces arranged in a linear configuration, lots of light and interior rooms looking over small patios while living areas are usually located at the street or the inner courtyard of the block. These apartments continue to be popular because they are both elegant and comfortable, many with period features.

One of these typical apartments has been recently refurbished by the Elia Felices studio, the project features only Spanish manufactured design, brans belonging to the RED association, (Reúnion de Empresas Españolas de Diseño) and includes celebrated local manufacturers like Sant & Cole, Nani Marquina, Vibia etc..

The following description was provided by the interior designer.

  • Eixample apartment project, Elía Felices
  • Eixample apartment project, Elía Felices


    The project was designed by the Elia Felices studio, the complete refurbishment of an apartment located in the iconic Eixample area of Barcelona originally laid out by Cerdá. The residence is oriented towards the central courtyard at the centre of the city block and is organised like the typical apartment of the area: with tall ceilings, hydraulic floor tiles, decorative mouldings and timber carpentry.

    When originally commissioned Felices decided to retain all the original features which provides the interior with another layer, one that is typically Barcelona in feel.

  • Eixample apartment project, Elía Felices


    The whole project has been made with Spanish designed furniture and is inspired by the interior design of the 1950s. For this, both emblematic pieces as well as up and coming designer pieces have been selected.

    Colour plays an essential element in the design. The walls and surfaces feature intense tones and lend a strong character, underlined by the cashmere finish with satin effect, a finish provided by the Valentine paint company

  • Eixample apartment project, Elía Felices


    The entrance area is highlighted in a deep blue that contrasts with the book shelves, a redesign of the famous Oscar Tusquets  Hypostila produced by BD Barcelona.


    The living space is organised into two areas: a living room and a reading area defined by a armchair upholstered in orange velvet using Cármenes fabirc, behind it a geometric print Gancedo curtain provides glimpses to the large city block courtyard. In the other part of the living room two dark green walls provide the backdrop to a sofa of the same colour fabric and brand as the armchair and the dining table chairs, as well as the table itself, all by Ondarreta.

  • Eixample apartment project, Elía Felices


    A decorative mural here is formed by a combination of different dishes in bright colours from the new Georgica collection by La Cartuja de Sevilla illustrated by Carmen García Huertas and inspired by Grey Gardens. Along with them are a series of collages designed exclusively for the home by Carlota Marquina, who, like the project, are inspired by the same period.

    The lighting scheme was a key consideration to ensure that the interior spaces work in the optimum way and that the colours of both the walls and the furniture are appreciated in their real tonee. The living room is equipped with directional projectors, the Simon model 640 that allows the intensity of the light to be easily controlled. The decorative lamps are also important to create a ambience, a black suspended lamp by the young firm Omelette is fitted over the table and next to the sofa the iconic TMC lamp by Santa & Cole designed by Miguel Milá.

  • Eixample apartment project, Elía Felices


    The house has two bedrooms. In the main room there is a large pendant lamp of the Vibia Linear model. The walls, ceiling and even the carpentry, are dyed burgundy color that combines perfectly with the colors selected for the textile head, which is suspended forming a mural by the composition of Sancal hexagonal acoustic panels.

  • Eixample apartment project, Elía Felices


    Following this retro aesthetic, two walnut-coloured tables from the Basque brand Treku were chosen together with the Santa & Cole table lamp Cesta (the metallic version). The ensemble lends the room an elegant masculine air, suitable for the client. The latest technology mechanisms with integrated USB port are the Simon 100 series.

    The guest room has a sofa by Sancal, a rug in grey and earthy tones by Gan (Gandía Blasco's brand for home textiles), a ceiling lamp by Lzf Lamps and a floor lamp by designers Goula and Figuera. All combined with a table in aged wood and retro decorative objects.

  • Eixample apartment project, Elía Felices


    This selection of colours and furniture exclusively featuring Spanish manufacturers associated with RED (Reúnion de Empresas Españolas de Diseño) for the different spaces is laid back yet elegant. A contemporary Deco style with eclectic elements that nevertheless feels of the moment.