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Exploring new creative processes

By B Gallagher 25.02.15

DEMO is an initiative organised by ADI FAD,  l'Associació de Disseny Industrial del FAD (Foment de les Arts i el Disseny) consisting of a series of practical and theoretical activities associated with the new creative possibilities offered by new technologies within the creative fields. A programme that is open in nature based on collaborative workshops featuring multidisciplinary aspects of industrial and craft based design.

Most of the programme events are concentrated between February 28th and March 8th and include workshops, conferences, exhibitions, installations and innovative product presentations that encourage experimentation and new ways of doing things. The focus is on how technologies influence the creative process. Among the invited guests which include both local and international practices and individuals are included; Breaded Escalope, Tomás Alonso, Sander Wassink, Luis Eslava, Ethel Baraona, Peter Marigold and Mónica Rikić. The first activity ‘Love me Bender’ organised by Breaded Escalope to take place on February 25th features the construction of a timber warping machine that will be located within the front window of the new design museum and will be used to create customized chair designs.

  • DEMO
  • DEMO

    Electronic cinema

    The goal of DEMO is to share and investigate typologies of creation and production for the general public and the professional can learn new approaches and incorporate them into their daily lives. The event also represents an interesting opportunity for making connections and forging relationships with design schools and commercial initiatives such as Els Encants (opposite).

  • The creators project

  • DEMO

    Petits robots, creative workshop

  • DEMO


  • DEMO

    Sugru, an innovative new material that can almost do anything

  • From 25 February to 08 March
  • Museu del Disseny Barcelona
  • Pl. de les Glòries Catalanes, 37-38 BCN 08018
  • www.fad.cat
  • Disseny Hub Barcelona
  • Pl. de les Glóries Catalanes, 37-38 (Edificio Diseño Hub Barcelona)
  • 08018 BCN
  • www.fad.cat