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Demo. Exploring new creative processes

3D Printing at the Sala Vinçon

By Redacción 07.03.14

ADI-FAD presents "Demo. Exploring new creative processes", a cycle of activities taking place between the 21st and the 31st of March at the new FAD headquaters, the Design Hub Barcelona. A series of workshops, conferences and many other related activities looking at new creative and manufacturing collaborations in the field of product design. DEMO is organized by ADI-FAD, the association for industrial design FAD.

In advance of this cycle of activities Sala Vinçon hosts "X127 Y230 E8" an exhibition by Diego Ramos which explores the capacity to (re) produce 3D printers in real time.

  • Demo

    New technologies, material experimentation, the reinterpretation of craft techniques together with high and low technology are breaking new ground and revolutionising industrial design. The event aims to raise awareness of these new types of creation in order that both professionals and the general public can learn and incorporate these tools into their day to day or in the development of their projects.

  • From 21 March to 31 March
  • DHUB
  • Barcelona, plaza de Les Glòries Catalanes, 37-38
  • www.dhub.cat