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Curro Claret

Making connections


The recently opened MACBA Store Laie aims to become a reference in terms of contemporary art both on the national and international front as well as picking up on new trends. The shop which is managed by Laie has incorporated a selection of designer pieces associated with the Raval neighbourhood as well as a selection of books and merchandising connected with the Museum Collection. The project under the title Creative Raval is being curated by Obsessive Collectors.

The pieces created by artists, craftsmen and women and selected designers for Creative Raval will be presented at the MACBA Store Laie over different dates during the year under three separate categories: Socio-ethical Raval, featuring design which takes an active role within the multicultural social reality of the area; Craft Raval, a local design initiative that makes connections with existing professions; Raval Connection/Exchange Centre, an international and multidisciplinary design initiative. The workshop-demo presented by Curro Claret “The Piece: second hand design” marks the first of the Socio-ethical series and takes place this 25th of March at 5.30 pm at the MACBA Store Laie.

  • Curro Claret

    The designer Curro Claret, photo Juan Lemus

  • Curro Claret

    The elemental assembly piece, photo - Juan Lemus

    During the workshop participants will build a small object such as a stool or side table, using simple elements that can be found in the street, or recycling unused objects. Participants will have to have collected these elements as a pre-requisite to taking part. After the workshop everyone can take home the object they have designed and created.

  • Stool made using the assembly piece, photo - Juan Lemus

  • MACBA Store Laie

    View of the MACBA Store Laie

  • From 25 March to 31 March
  • MACBA Store Laie
  • Placa dels Angels, 1 08001
  • activitats@laie.es