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Ecological bed systems


Coco-Mat is a retail space that revolves around rest and relaxation with innovative products to help achieve it. Their mattresses are made using 100% natural materials and sourced from sustainable resources completely avoiding metals in their manufacture. These materials include coco fibre giving durability and ventilation; feathers, that help regulate body temperature; natural rubber, giving firmness and elasticity as well as seaweeds, beneficial for the respiratory system thanks to the iodine and also cactus extract, a powerful anti-humidity agent. With an almost 96% recyclable index, Coco-Mat has established its credentials as a truly ‘green’ industry. But they go even further: the company also aims to share its philosophy with customers. Since its founding in 1989, they have been making cotton carrier bags to avoid the use of plastic carrier bags in the shops and the distribution of their goods. The mattresses are transported in cotton covers, and where possible are delivered by alternative transport means.
As well as the mattresses and other sleep related accessories (towels, dressing gowns, cushions), Coco-Mat stocks a range of furniture also featuring natural materials and which also respect the environment. A typical example is the Phoenix collection, made entirely from bamboo and designed by Edward Van Vliet, responsible for the shop’s interior design in Barcelona, their flagship store in Spain.
Visiting the shops in Barcelona and Madrid is the best way to understand this philosophy of total immersion in the world of well being. Clients are met with a freshly squeezed orange juice and are offered the option of a siesta if required. The Coco-Mat shop is much more than merely a shop however, it’s a place where things happen where feeling good is predicated on; a good night’s sleep, eating well, art appreciation and being aware of our surroundings... Another unique aspect of the business is their collaboration with hotels where the Coco-Mat sleeping experience is provided in a range of luxury suites (Mas de Torrent Hotel & Spa, Gran Hotel La Florida or the Hostal Empuries to name just a few Coco-Mat locations in Spain) where the beds can be ‘test driven’ before purchase.