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Social and cooperative housing is the theme of the current exhibition presented at the Col.legi d’ Arquitectes on Plaça Nova in Barcelona’s Gótico neighbourhood. The Cities Connection Project seeks to establish connections between the city of Barcelona and other European cities or regions with a significant architectural tradition. A series of architecture exhibitions are the focus of this project that also offers other events such as conferences, meetings among universities, and synergies among the professional architects involved. Each event, which is called “connection”, starts off with an exhibition in Barcelona, showing the work of the invited architects from the guest city, and is followed by a return exhibition of the Barcelona architects’ work in the partner city. Every exchange is articulated around a fresh theme, which is related to the specific characteristics of the invited city or region.

The _Import Zurich title focuses mainly on Zurich’s cooperative housing projects. For about fifteen years now a renaissance of urban living is bringing about a renewal of activity among the housing cooperatives. They have adopted higher ecological standards, developed socially compatible forms of denser building, and their large-scale projects have a significant impact on the qualitative development of the city’s neighbourhoods. This is coupled with a new generation of architects who, thanks in part to architecture competitions, have had the opportunity to develop, test out and affirm their own field of research within a very strict and deterministic legal framework. With contributions by André Bideau, Daniel Kurz, Josep Maria Montaner, and Zaida Muxí. Includes texts in English and German.

  • Facility Building. Eixample, Barcelona / CollLeclerc

    Architects: Jaime Coll y Judith Leclerc

    Typology: Mix-use building (housing, school, parking, garden)

    Location: C/ Londres 56–64, Barcelona

    Date: 2006

  • Cities Connection

    The exhibition takes places on the mezzanine level and fisrt floor of the Colegio de Arquitectos, photo: Adrian Pedrazas Profumo

    The exhibition also includes some residential projects designed by young and emerging architects (under the age of 50) located in Barcelona. The buildings which have all be constructed within the last decade and include many innovative features and architectural expressions, the local projects were all built at a fraction of the costs of the projects located in Switzerland. It is interesting to note however that many of the architects involved with the Zurich projects were greatly influenced by the urban improvements that occurred in Barcelona during the 1990s and before.

  • Cities Connection

    Wohnhochhaus. Hirzenbach-Zurich / Boltshauser Architekten

    Architects: Boltshauser Architekten, Zürich

    Typology: Housing

    Location: Zurich

    Date: 2014

  • Cities Connection

    Toni-Areal. Zurich-West / EM2

    Architects: Mathias Müller, Daniel Niggli

    Typology: Mixed-use Building (education, culture, housing)

    Location: Förrlibuckstrasse 109, 8005 Zurich

    Date: 2008 – 2014

  • Cities Connection

    Badenerstrasse 380. Zurich / Pool Architekten

    Typology: Cooperative Housing

    Location: Badenerstrasse 380, Zurich

    Date: 2008 – 2010

  • Cities Connection

    58 Social Housing. Les Corts, Barcelona / FlexoArquitectura

    Architects: Tomeu Ramis, Aixa del Rey & Barbara Vich

    Typology: Social housing

    Location: Travessera de Les Corts 334-338, Barcelona

    Date: 2009

  • Cities Connection

    Fòrum Housing. C/ Llull, Barcelona / BOPBAA

    Architects: Josep Bohigas, Francesc Pla & Iñaki Baquero

    Typology:  Social housing

    Location: Barcelona

    Date: 2009

  • Cities Connection

    Torre Júlia. Via Favencia, Barcelona / Ricard Galiana + Sergi Pons + Pau Vidal

    Architects: Ricard Galiana, Sergi Pons & Pau Vidal

    Typology:  Collective housing for elderly people

    Locationn: Barcelona

    Date: 2008

  • From 22 October to 07 November
  • Col.legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya
  • Placa Noca, 5 08003 Barcelona
  • www.arquitectes.cat
  • Cities Connection Project (CCP) is a project curated by Nicola Regusci and Xavier Bustos
  • Col.legi d’ Arquitectes de Catalunya,
  • Plaça Nova, 5
  • 08003 Barcelona
  • www.citiesconnectionproject.com