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The chocolate kitchen

By Brian Gallagher 02.10.13

A new chocolate shop and kitchen occupying a former chocolate factory within a charming original Catalan Modernisme interior located just off the Ramblas in front of the Madre de Dios de Belén church on the corner of C. Carmen. An homage to chocolate in its multiple forms with a contemporary twist that includes the eponymous chöks - a variation on the traditional doughnut (with less sugar and fat, fried for a shorter period and hence with much fewer calories) and a cronut (cross between a croissant and doughnut) as well as macarons, bombones, chocolate coated crisps, churros, popsicles, pasta and pretty much anything else imaginable.

Inspired by all things chocolate related and the promotion of this sometimes misunderstood food, generally perceived as being a luxury product and fattening while in reality chocolate is a power food with extremely beneficial qualities. Chök also offers its customers cooking displays where these little known qualities are explored and shared.

  • The space is divided into two zones, the front of the shop with its discreet cabinets made from metal and marble and mirrored surfaces is a brilliant white environment somewhat laboratory like with the products cleverly displayed. An original timber screen with stained glass panels divides the rear section off, fitted out as a kitchen it can accommodate up to 6 customers participating with the workshops that provide demonstration cooking with the focus on chocolate for both sweet and savoury recipes. Original details and contemporary materials are combined throughout, timber carved cabinets, circular floor mosaic tiling, the antique ornate ceiling, the Styrofoam packaging and corporate logo together with kitchen utensils make like a work like and yet attractive public space. 


  • All the food is take-away with specially designed packaging. The chöks are already proving very successful and are genuinely light to the taste. The friendly staff and variety of products are potentially habit forming, so be warned.

  • espluga+associates are responsible for the development of the branding and visual identity of chök product while Intsight are responsible for the concept of the interior design, Gac 3000 are the builders

  • A Catalan Modernisme style timber screen divides the space

  • Kitchen utensils used as decorative fixtures

  • Chöks, the star product with different toppings

  • all photos © Mireia Rodriguez