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Causación Formativa

  • blue salad bowl Alessi; blue doorstop Multiplastic; trainers Casbia (The Outpost)

  • panama hat Sombrerería Mil

  • brushes and colour charts Arts & Claus; Kubik L'appartament; plastic carafes Multiplastic; hat My Bob (The Outpost)

  • plastic stool and plastic trash can Multiplastic; tie Drakes (The Outpost); sneakers ADAM KIMMEL (The Outpost)

  • plastic bowl and plastic tray Multiplastic; cardboard stool (grass) L'appartament; album cover Chandal

  • umbrella Sombrerería Mil; fan Chandal

  • sneakers Casbia (The Outpost), bag Jil Sander (The Outpost) sunglasses Moscot (The Outpost); suspenders sombrerería MIL; toiletery bag Muji; notepad Chandal

  • belt Balenciaga (The Outpost)

  • shark wing L'appartament; toiletery bag Want Les essentiels de la vie (The Outpost); baskets for steaming Muji

  • vintage phone Chandal; pink bowl and pink belt Multiplastic; metallic bowls and slippers Muji