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Casa SAL

Apartment refurb in Poble Sec


The geometry of the existing house was highly compartmentalized, a rectangular layout measuring only 3 m in width by 19 m in length. There was a terrace at one end in very bad condition, raised slightly above the level of apartment floor and which was accessed through a modest solid door. The client’s instructions were to turn the kitchen into the heart of the refurbished apartment, to make it a functional, robust, pleasant space to spend time. All the spaces were therefore organized around the kitchen, the living room with improved access to the terrace at one end and the more private areas at the other, the bedroom and study. A bathroom and second bedroom were located in the middle section.

In order to compensate for the exaggerated depth of the apartment different floor finishes were used to create transverse strips, the most hardwearing used for the kitchen, bathroom and study, combined with external and internal grade timber floors for the other spaces. Mixing and matching the materials according to the function, for the kitchen the hydraulic mosaic features a geometric pattern, for the study a floral design and checkerboard for the bathroom. Works to the terrace served two purposes, helping to make a better connection with the living room and providing an improved light source that can be used all year long; a large opening in the facade with a continuous bench that also acts as a step for the change in level with a drawer-shelf unit for storage underneath. The level of the terrace is continuous with the new floor level in the salon thus diluting the inside/outside separation.

  • Nook Architects

    Apartment is divided into zones defines by geometric tiles and timber flooring

  • Nook Architects

    A new door is provided to the terrace connecting it to the same level as the living room

  • Casa SAL

    View of the kitchen, living room and terrace en fille

  • View of the bedroom and the study area

  • Casa SAL
  • The terrace has been completely restored and refurbished

  • Casa SAL

    Views from outside looking in

  • The new bathroom