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Triangle Barcelona

By Elena Minguela 22.10.12

Starting with a multifaceted metallic connecting element and working within the limits of open design Curro Claret with Arrels Fundació have created a collection of furniture that in notable for its simplicity and solidarity with homeless people undergoing rehabilitation. The main piece named T300 was designed by Claret some time ago as a proto-typical project which is now in production with this refurbished of the Camper shop located in Barcelona’s Triangle shopping centre.

Starting with the same principles behind the T300 project the designer has joined forces with Camper to create an interior design project for the latest refurbishment of the shop located in the centre of Barcelona. It represents the philosophy which Arrels personifies: saving people is equally as legitimate as recycling objects which have been discarded by former owners. Almost all the elements and materials used here are recycled from the wood collected from the streets used to make the legs of the display stands, the old Camper posters that adorn the walls, the shoelaces no longer in production used to make a curtain or the lamp shades, even the seats are made from left over leather used in the shoe making production.

  • View of the shop interior

    © Sánchez Y Montoro

  • Triangle Barcelona

    Thanks to this specific project at the Triangle a special group of homeless people have had the chance to learn and experience a unique design process, far beyond simply producing furniture items for the shop. The team led by Curro Claret together with José, Aurelio, Nicolai and Valerio were sketched by the artist Miguel Fuster who himself spent 15 years living on the streets, etched on recycled wood, a work that stands testament to the project located at the entrance to the shop together with others from the artist inspired by the brand, the shop and the city of Barcelona.

  • Original inspiration, the multifaceted metal connector

  • Camper display stands

  • Miguel Fuster's art work

  • Photographs reproduced courtesy of Caper. Interior phots taken by Sánchez Y Montoro.
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