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Housing Anywhere: rental sector digital platform

By Brian Gallagher 14.10.19

The e-commerce share of the economy is building year on year, being able to access everything instantly is hard to compete with in terms of efficiently and cost. Few sectors have been left unaffected and the real estate and rental sector is one such area where the ubiquity and visibility that the world-wide-web offers is ideally suited. However security is an on-going concern with online fraud and hacking are ever present dangers that users need to be mindful about. The Housing Anywhere platform is a mid to long term rental service which combines ubiquity with security, for both tenant and landlord. Operating on a global basis one of its most popular locations is Barcelona, although there are more than 400 cities in 50 countries around the world. Particularly useful when travelling for work, study or extended stays in a new country or city.

Establishing a home or a base is the foundation for living our lives, home is central to everything and finding the right one is crucial to both our wellbeing and our professional lives. Searching for a studio apartment for rent in Barcelona online for example saves time and makes life easier, especially for anyone not completely familiar with the city. Housing Anywhere builds a secure bridge between both parties concerned with potential rentals. Communications and financial transactions are guaranteed. Navigation is intuitive, just select the type of housing you want to rent (or share), size, furnished or non furnished, whether bills are included or even if pets are permitted etc. Then start scrolling through the images of the potential homes on offer, including floor plans and descriptions, facilities provides with maps indicating the all important location and calendar availability. Information is presented in an easily legible graphic and visual style.

  • Housing Anywhere studios

    Studio on C/ de Atlàntida. 28 m2, furnished.

  • Housing Anywhere studios

    Studio apartment on C/ de Atlàntida. 28 m2, furnished.

  • Housing Anywhere studios

    Studio apartment C/ Pere IV, 57 m2, furnished.

    One of the interesting facets of Barcelona’s housing market is the variation of housing typologies combined with the unique character of each of its neighbourhoods. La Barceloneta (currently extremely trendy), the Borne, the Eixample and Gràcia are no more than a half hours walk from one another and yet the housing stock offered is quite distinctive as is the fabric of the streets, plazas and infrastructure offered in each. There’s a vicarious pleasure in looking at homes online whether you are in the market or not for renting. It’s always interesting seeing other people’s choice of décor and furniture, accessing their most intimate living spaces which explains our fascination with interior design magazines and ‘cribs’ style TV programmes.         

  • Housing Anywhere studios

    Studio on C/ Pere IV, 57 m2, furnished.

    Housing Anywhere vets both landlords and clients, using online presence and bank details to check bona-fides. Once a selection has been made then Housing Anywhere takes a back seat and the tenant and future landlord communicate directly. Deposits are held until two days after moving in and guaranteed by the platform.

  • Housing Anywhere studios

    Estudio en la C/ Portaferrissa, 75 m2, amueblado.