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21st Century Furniture


Consider all the pieces of furniture that are inevitably found in any contemporary  home (wherever it may be); sofa, table and chairs, arm chair, side table, bed. They reflect the way our living spaces have developed over the years as well as the way we actually use these spaces for relaxation, socialising and as refuge from the external world outside the home. Although there are an infinite variety of styles and fashions the key pieces are pretty much omnipresent.

Each of these furniture items has its own history and reflects the evolution of the modern home. Most of these pieces have not changed radically in the last 100 years and would be easily recognisable to our Victorian ancestors. Every now and again however something new appears on the scene, a development that reflects our changing lifestyles and social habits, like the fitted kitchen, the reclining arm chair or the TV stand. Budda-Bag is just such an invention, a hybrid pouffe/bean bag it represents a more free form less formal way of relaxing within (or indeed without) the home. Over recent years the trend is towards loft style apartment and housing layouts where the living space becomes a more open plan area with interconnected cooking and socialising areas. A less structured, more informal approach, similarly the budda-bag is not a didactic piece of furniture it doesn’t have a proper front or back so it’s much more like a flexible soft furnishing which is easily adaptable. It moulds itself to any posture by providing a body surrounding cushioned support. Introduced to Northern European countries back in 2005 the budda-bag is now on sale in Barcelona (the first showroom in Spain) and can be viewed on line or in reality at the Gràcia located showroom: buddabag.es

The secret to the comfort is the memory foam internal filling which adapts to bodies big and small, round and even rounder. There are six different sizes to choose from and a multiple range of finishes (see web). If there is one single piece of furniture that will bring any Barcelona apartment or house bang into the 21st Century it’s this, see them but be warned they are liable to become an obsessive must-have item. Be advised to take a measuring tape and floor plan of the space you have in mind.

  • The buddabag showroom located in the Gràcia area with a map showing all buddabags sold in Barcelona.

  • Buddabags are available in 6 sizes; Didi, Baby, Mini, Midi, Maxi and Mega, ranging from 60cm to 245cm

  • All the covers are inter-changeable allowing the buddabags to be adapted to any interior décor.

  • An alternative or a compliment to the traditional sofa of the living room.

  • Buddabags are equally suitable for indoor or outdoor use.