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Lighting the outdoors


With the arrival of Spring and the longer days (even this year) our thoughts turn to the great outdoors. And the spaces that we will be inhabiting and enjoying before long, lighting is a critical part of the décor or any exterior space. Local lighting company Bover, barcelona lights has some suggestions for creating places to spend time with family, friends or just to enjoy alone.

  • Bover, barcelona lights
  • Bover, barcelona lights


    Tria Outdoor, Rubén Saldaña

    Tria wall lamps are one of the most popular products in Bover’s lighting catalogue.  Now the design has been adapted for the outdoors, gardens, terraces and open spaces. Organic shapes, inspired by the smooth stones of river beds, with an unusual design. They are available in two sizes and two finishes, aluminium sheet in graphite brown and teak wood.

  • Bover, barcelona lights


    mphora, Alex Fernández Camps and Gonzalo Milà

    Terracotta amphoras, used for transporting all kinds of liquid material during the Greek  and Roman eras have strong associations with Mediterranean culture, and inspire this collection of lamps available in two sizes: large and Mini. The Amphora light source is located inside a polyethylene ellipse that guarantees its seal. A light rich in nuances and shadows. Its synthetic fibre body has been crafted by hand supported on a cast iron tripod.

  • Bover, barcelona lights


    Tanit, Gonzalo Milá

    Tanit is a portable, rechargeable and lightweight table lamp, with two defining elements; the lampshade (handcrafted with cotton thread) and a white polycarbonate globe, which emits a warm light without glare. The upper part of the lamp features a button with 3 intensity positions, as well as a USB input for recharging the battery, with a small battery status indicator. The battery offers up to 20 hours autonomy at 25% intensity.

  • Bover, barcelona lights


    Platet, Christophe Mathieu

    Platet is inspired by the lights of the L’Escala sea walks, on the Costa Brava, expressed as simple volumes. A wall lamp with a classic look, a traditional approach based on modern technology projecting a warm lighting. Platet is made up of two elements: an arm that comes out of the wall holds an enamelled metal disc, which protects and acts as a reflector for the bulb. The colour palette incorporates sober and warm tones, always with the inner part of the shade in white to provide the best quality of light.

  • Bover, barcelona lights


    Garota, Alex Fernández Camps & Gonzalo Milà

    The shell of a sea urchin, commonly found on Mediterranean beaches and coasts, is the inspiration for Garota. A lamp designed for terraces and gardens where electrical points aren’t readily available, as it can be hung using a simple accessory that allows the extension cable can be suspended. Its organic shapes are combined with a warm light filtered through a small elliptical polyethylene globe, which also ensures the LED source iswatertight.