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Blue Spot

Local cooking, Brazilian design

By Brian Gallagher 11.01.19

Situated at the very extremity of Barceloneta, adjacent to the entrance to the W Barcelona Hotel, Blue Spot restaurant occupies the entire 8th floor penthouse level of the Ocean building, its design reflects the in-between, otherworldly quality of the location. A mise en scene that begins with the entrance, a ground floor lobby with a curving ramp entirely finished in green mosaic tiles leading to the lifts, a motif that is repeated when exiting the lifts into a space of scalloped green mosaic curves opening onto the cocktail bar, raised on a marble plinth.

The interior design project creates a variety of seating areas around the building perimeter, some of which are configured as private dining rooms, others more like wide corridors. The layout includes a large east facing terrace, complete with plunge pool that opens off the main dining area. Operated by the En compania de lobos group the cuisine includes mostly seafood and some meat dishes. Designed is by Brazilian architect Isay Weinfeld (who also did The Green Spot), the project features clever details like the reflecting stainless steel sliding partitions and corner toilet zones cubicles combined with a minimalist aesthetic that never distracts too much from the extraordinary views over the city port.      

  • Blue Spot Isay Weinfeld
  • Blue Spot Isay Weinfeld



    View of the dining room on the 8th floor of the Atlantico Building


    The restaurant is surrounded by terrcaces facing south west

  • Blue Spot Isay Weinfeld


    Blue Spot occupies an entire floor of the building

  • Blue Spot Isay Weinfeld
  • Blue Spot
  • Passeig de Joan de Borbó, 101 Piso 8
  • Edificio Ocean, Ático,
  • 08039 Barcelona
  • www.isayweinfeld.com