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Designing sleep

By Silvia Micolau 10.10.17

When the cold weather arrives, the bed becomes more inviting; warm, comfortable and visually suggestive. Here is a selection of the latest sleep-related products to ensure that the basics of a good nights sleep are covered.


The Swedish firm, with a history stretching back 165 years, offers craft-made beds guaranteeing a good night’s sleep, Hästens is a provider to the Royal Household of the Scandinavian country. Its latest creation is the limited edition ‘Tribute’, only available until December 31, 2017. The bed has a mattress filled with a distinctive blend of cotton, thermo-regulating wool and horsetail mane (an organic material free of allergens and with antibacterial and antifungal properties) prevents moisture from accumulating, with different levels of firmness on each side if being shared. The blue checker jacquard of the upholstery comes in grey and raw colour tones. On sale at Ganduxer, 140.

  • Hästens Barcelona

    Hästens, Tribut model

  • Hästens Barcelona

    Hästens, Marquis model


    One of the highlights within the catalogue of this Italian furniture firm which has just opened its first flagship store in Barcelona is the Jacqueline bed, designed by Jean-Marie Massaud. With fixed or reclining bed base, moulded polyurethane head with feather filling and sewn border details available in 8 different colours (except for the leather and corduroy versions). Via Augusta, 147.

  • Poliform Barcelona

    Jacqueline bed, by Jean-Marie Massaud, available at Poliform



    Its Cocoon model is a sleeping system designed to be shared, the sides of which can be customized according to the preferences and tastes on either side of the bed. It is made up of a base mattress or ‘Nest’ (soft, medium or hard according to firmness), and an over-mattress or ‘Topping’ that is responsible for the sensation: the PCM² of visco-elastic materials helps maintain body temperature in the comfort zone, the Gel reduces the thermal perception between 3° and 4° C by dissipating the heat. Another model Breeze is maleable and adaptable while Gravity contributes to a more even distribution of weight and improves the circulation. www.ecussleep.com

  • Ecus Cocoon

    Cocoon, by Ecus

  • Bedding Barcelona

    Cocoon system, by Ecus



    A revolutionary mattress made from visco-elastic foam, micro perforated latex and high resilience foam, that is firm but comfortable at the same time, suitable for any type of sleeper, and the dream come true for three friends who did not rest well. Only available for purchase online, it comes compressed and rolled up, with the option of trying it out for 100 nights at home (given the impossibility of trying a mattress out in a shop, dressed in street clothes and under the watchful eye of the seller). Also available in children’s models, from 0 to 7 years old, called Tedi, a polyurethane foam mattress with a cover that filters mites and comes with an adjustable and waterproof gift sheet. www.tediber.com

  • Tediber mattress

    Imagen de la cama Tediber

  • Tediber mattress

    Detail of the Tediber mattress


    For kids.

    Nobodinoz offers Balearic and Ibiza model huts designed for little sleepers, located at floor level to avoid risks of falling. Made from a structure of solid beech wood sourced from sustainable forests and a cotton cover with Oeko-Tex certificate (guarantee that no harmful chemicals have been used in its manufacture), and available in seven colours (www.nobodinoz.com). For older siblings there are higher beds with a slide or ladder like the Flexa Popsicle collection. Made from oak and inspired by the shape of a lollipop, it exists in three "flavours" (kiwi, cherry and blueberry), its creators, Herman Studio, were recognised with a Reddot Design Award. For sale in L'illa.

  • Nobodinoz Barcelona

    Nobodinoz, Baleares hit model

  • Bedding Barcelona

    Nobodinoz, Ibiza hut model

  • Flexa Popsicle

    Flexa Popsicle

  • Flexa Tobogan

    Flexa, Tobogán


    Teixidors and Hamabi. 

    Two ways to make the bed. One, the plaid Alps made from organic sheep’s Merino wool, from Teixidors dyed using natural colour dyes on sale at Matèria. The other a contemporary patchwork quilt from Hamabi, meaning “twelve” in the Basque language, and the number of units created by Zita Chocarro, owner of the brand, of each piece (www.hamabidesign.com).

  • Teixidors

    Teixidors, Alps

  • Bedding Barcelona

    Hamabi Lorea


    Breakfast in bed. 

    Made easy by Matías Buenos Dias, a pioneering company and already a veteran in providing breakfasts for people who find it hard to get out of bed, as well as options for couples, the classic continental, or for when you have stayed up all night studying for an exam in the morning, to celebrate a birthday etc., and more recently, La Desayunería, with its home pancakes service, Pikelets.

  • Matias buenos dias

    Matías Buenos Días