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Henna Morena

By Gemma Figueras 11.10.13

Henna Morena is a brand, a shop and laboratory specialising in natural cosmetics for hair which promotes the rediscovery of hair care rituals using natural products and Mediterranean cosmetics. The design of the new showroom, located in the Born district of Barcelona, evokes this same philosophy, the concept has been defined by Sandra Vivanco, architect of this new brand.

Henna Morena rediscovers the natural ingredients used since ancient times for the cultivation of personal beauty sourced from the Mediterranean. Elements such as henna, the only existing plant that can pigment the hair naturally. The henna pigment molecule has the property of binding to the hair without damaging its protein.

  • Equally the interior design of the showroom features authentic traditional natural materials: wood, ceramics, clay, iron, rush and wicker ... to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere with a distinctly feminine character.

  • Serving both as a new showroom for the cosmetics brand as well as a saloon where demonstrations are held and henna-treatments are provided, the space consists of an elongated corridor like area sectioned longitudinally into two zones. A dividing panel, made ​​with a grid of white glazed panels incorporates mirrored and smoked glass, creating a visual continuity while also separating its functional divisions.

  • The screen is opened in some sections via sliding or swing doors, leading to a quieter rear area. Reminiscent of the typical glazed galleries there is a generous wet area made from exposed cement in this section, this functional element evokes the traditional spaces where women gathered to pamper and beautify themselves.


    The cement flooring serves as a neutral backdrop for an eclectic selection of furniture made from diverse materials that evokes a liberal and spontaneous sensibility. Including furniture from Arxe, the San Cugat del Vallès design workshop which creates bespoke pieces from recycled industrial materials.


    The graphic image of the new brand has been created by the Petit Comitè studio, who also participated with the development of the brand, conceptualization and design of its products (long with Imma Padilla) and who also carried out the graphics within the shop space.

  • © Photos by Lili Bonmatí
  • Henna Morena
  • Esparteria, 12
  • 08003 Barcelona
  • Tel. 93 315 11 91
  • www.hennamorena.com