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Barcelona Sunblinds

A better and improved version of a local design classic


Persiana Barcelona was designed in 2009. It came about from the “De dins a fora” (From inside out) project awarded in the “Racons Públics” (Public corners) FAD competition for proposals for small interventions to enhance some of the forgotten spaces of Barcelona. The Persiana Barcelona, recently awarded the Silver Delta 2016 for the best product design is a product that reinvents the traditional "Mediterranean" sunblind. The sunblind represents the commitment of young Catalan architects, Pau Sarquella and Diana Uson, to local traditions and crafts. With a subtle intervention they have transformed the traditional sunblind into a more sustainable, innovative, attractive, contemporary and modern product that responds to various urban problems such as keeping the rain out and providing shade.

The idea was straight-forward: to replace the ugly plastic sheets hanging from the balconies of the Raval district with traditional roll-up blinds, which could at the same time protect against rain. Comfort and ventilation in the home would be restored, as well as the façade's appearance.

  • Persiana Barcelona

    Aixopluc_Temps de Flors. Project: Pau Sarquella Fàregas, Carmen Torres and Oleguer Prat Ephemeral installation in Girona for « Temps de Flors » , a festival where private patios and gardens in the city opens theirs doors to show artistic floral projects.Photos: ©Joan Guillamat Castells

  • Persiana Barcelona

    VINÇON Project: Diana Usón and Pau Sarquella, Persiana Barcelona.Ephemeral installation to present the product in the known design shop Vinçon in Passeig de Gràcia, Barcelona.Photos: ©Joan Guillamat Castells

    This simple idea, designed for a specific place and problem, has developed into the product  that could potentially be used to solve an urban planning problem that goes far beyond Barcelona's Raval neighbourhood.

  • Persiana Barcelona

    Photos: ©Joan Guillamat Castells

  • Persiana Barcelona

    L’actiu. Project: Loca Studio (Daniel Lorenzo, Carlota Casanova, Lara Ferrer, Sonia Lamesa) Restaurant in Poble Nou neighbourhood, Barcelona.Photos: Pol Viladoms

    The Persiana Barcelona colour palette is inspired by the colours of the city. The 12 selected tones were inspired by the windows of historical Barcelona buildings and the local trees and forests. Persiana Barcelona is committed to craftsmanship and the value of hand-made products, to rethink the roll-up blind as a sustainable product which is both attractive and contemporary.

  • Authors and Designers; Diana Usón, architect Pau Sarquella, architect
  • Production; Sumace Torneados Altelarrea
  • Distribution; Sumace
  • www.persiana-barcelona.com