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Ball Nogues; Ephemeral Architecture

Barcelona Lecture


Benjamin Ball who together with Gaston Nogues is cofounder of the Bill Nogue Studio will present a lecture entitled Designing Production which considers the interconnection between architecture, art and design taking place on the 25th October at the IAAC, the architect will take a look at the three disciplines. He graduated from the Southern Calofornia Institute of Architecture. Over the last number of years Ball has worked as a designer in the world of cinema and set design, amongst his better known collaborations are the Matrix. The architect has also collaborated with the music industry and advertising world with directors including Mark Romanek and Tony Scott.

Ball’s work is mostly in the field of ephemeral architecture, the creation of experimental environments that aim to promote social interaction. His architectural installation have been exhibited in renowned institutions such as the Museum of Contemporary Art (Los Angeles), the Guggenheim Museum (New York) and most recently his work has been acquired as part of the permanent collection of both  MoMA and LACMA. In 2006 Ball Nogues Studio was the overall winner of New York’s Museum of Modern Arts Young Architects Programme PS1. His work has been published in several prestigious magazines and newspapers including The New York Times, Icon and Architectural Record. 

  • Yucca crater, temporary installation located in California National Park

  • Fitted out as a swimming pool internally

  • The 25 October
  • IAAC
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