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Journeys by Tres Tintas BCN

By Brian Gallagher 27.01.14

Journeys is the new collection of mural wall paper recently launched by Tres Tintas designed by Pablo Piatti, Charles Buendía and Jazmín Vasco, it presents a window to your travel dreams. A true "carnet de voyage" which collects impressions of places, landscapes and cities. Journeys is presented as the case of the memories that these designers have engraved in his mind, resulting in a different, exciting and original collection.

Each of the Murals corresponds to a specific geographical location, bringing the viewer through an imaginary and highly personal tour through fantastical international and local destinations.

Papeles Pintados Aribau opened in 1961 and today remains in the original location, C. Aribau 71, within the Eixample district of Barcelona. Specialists in wallpapers, fabrics and carpets as well as their installation. The in-house brand Tres Tintas Barcelona was founded in 2004 with the goal of creating alternative collections of wallpaper and fabrics which would be avant-garde and contemporary for both the personal and professional sectors. There are over 20,000 separate items sold here, Trest Tintas in on sale in 36 countries worldwide.

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