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André Ricard by Poldo Pomés

Invisible Design


Odds are you have probably come into contact with one of Andre Ricard’s designs if you live or have lived n Spain. You might not have noticed, but that was by design too. The new documentary by Poldo Pomés, El Diseño Invisible examines the work and attitudes that have shaped Ricard’s life’s work. And with it the history of design in Barcelona, Spain and beyond.

Among the most important influences in his career are the time he spent in Great Britain in 1951 around the time of the Festival of Britain. The design treatise “Never leave well enough alone” by Raymond Loewy and his involvement with FAD at a critical time as it was evolving into the organisation we know today.

  • André Ricard by Poldo Pomés
  • André Ricard by Poldo Pomés


    "André Ricard, el diseño invisible" documentary examining his life and work. Directed by Poldo Pomés and written by Xavier Mas de Xaxàs, an exploration of a way of being and working that aims to make life more pleasant, with the greatest of humility.

  • André Ricard by Poldo Pomés


    André Ricard (Barcelona, 1929) is a pioneer of industrial design in Spain. He worked to dignify a profession that was not appreciated because it was not seen. He was also the first to connect Spanish designers with Europeans and North Americans. Spain was a very closed country in the fifties, disconnected from its European neighbors, and Ricard built a bridge, opened a window through which a new reality was seen.

  • André Ricard by Poldo Pomés


    Poldés follows André during a typical day and includes several talking heads who help put his work into context. You will be surprised at the number and diversity of designs that he has produced over his lifetime. Ricard should not be considered a retired designer however, he is still working and appears to be just as home today with the technology and tools of the trade as when he started out.

  • André Ricard by Poldo Pomés
  • André Ricard by Poldo Pomés
  • André Ricard, Invisible Design
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