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Alfons & Damián presents Re-Edition

Félix Agostini designs


An exhibition of Félix Agostini's iconic work reissued by Maison Charles.

The interior design showroom Alfon & Damián will host an exhibition featuring a sample collection of the French artist Félix Agostini's reissued designs, from March 15 until April 28, in their gallery dedicated to design, furniture and art objects.

  • Félix Agostini Re-Edition

    Compas, floor lamp

  • Félix Agostini Re-Edition

    Phoebe, coffee table

    The renowned manufacturer Maison Charles has collaborated on this innovative presentation with the French artist's daughter, Dominique Agostini, to reissue the twelve selected Agostini pieces, a collection of nine different lamps and three tables.

  • Félix Agostini Re-Edition

    Squale, flor¡or lamp

    Félix Agostini (1910-1980) was well known for his abstract lighting and furniture designs and the bronze and gilded bronze sculptures that all fit into both classical and contemporary environments. He worked with these metals in the hope of creating mythological characters and animals to reflect his dreams, rage and passion with their subtle interpretation into the organic forms of his lamps and furniture. Elegant and harmonic, a modern spirit for their time, they later on became pieces of ritualistic value and worship.

  • Félix Agostini Re-Edition

    Sapajou, coffee table

    This exhibition shows the philosophy behind the studio of Alfons Tost and Damián Sánchez, and their ambition to draw attention to the importance of reissuing an author's original work and preserving the architect's historic legacy of design.

  • Félix Agostini Re-Edition

    Canard, table lamp

  • Félix Agostini Re-Edition

    Isaphan, decorative sculpture

  • Félix Agostini Re-Edition

    Robespiere, table lamp

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