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Alemana Jewellry Shop, Port Adriano


  • A mixture of precious materials and platonic forms

  • A space for the exhibition and sales of precious jewells and luxury watches

  • A private booth for attending clients

The Madrid practice OHLAB founded by Paloma Hernaiz and Jaime Oliver was commissioned to design this the fifth shop of the legendary wrist watch retailer Relojería Alemana based in Majorca, a jewellers with more than a century of experience which has just opened a new shop at Port Adriano (see above).

The interior design is organised around five ‘precious jewellery boxes’, large volumes clad with panels of gold coloured stainless steel with a mirror finish that are distributed throughout the space. The metal cladding is slightly deformed over the surfaces generating interesting reflections and visual interest. The lighting is homogenous provided by a back-lit ceiling installation that creates an even illumination throughout. Horizontal openings within the boxes located at eye level contain the display cases that focus attention on the objects on display. The interior design project is a metaphorical critique on the world of luxury based on a game of superficial appearances where things are not necessarily as they first appear.