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Royal Hotels BCN


A new addition to Barcelona’s expanding collection of world class hotels. The Hotel Royal located on Passeig de Gràcia within a landmark building in the centre of the city once occupied by the former headquarters of Banca Catalana which was designed by architects Enric Tous and Josep Maria Fargas between 1965 and 1968. In order to maintain the architectural integrity of the building the Royal Hotels group has retained the most important original constructive elements of the building.

The architectural heritage of the 1960s in Barcelona is a mixed bag, on the one hand we have a collection of regrettable buildings that contribute little to the urban realm (Central térmica de Besós, 1970-76 among other infrastructural projects) and on the other we have a legacy of technological optimistic buildings that could be said to define the era and introduced significant changes to the city skyline, such as the Torré Colón, Drassanes and an explosion in new social housing.

  • Architects Ramon Andreu and Núria Canyelles together with interior designer Angel Verdú have endeavoured to "restore and enhance so that the building can be contemplated as a sculpture, both from within and without", according to Andreu.

  • The facade of Royal Hotel Barcelona to Passeig de Gràcia 84

    The building where the hotel now stands was one of the most representative works of 1960s architecture in terms of technological developments. As well as the innovative structural solution that provides a column free bright interior the most significant characteristic are the building’s facades. Although the best known is the one to the street, the rear facade is inspired by the same criteria, respecting the values ​​of the typical Eixample courtyard. The facade consists of a module structure with alternating flat reflective insulated fibreglass panels and other parabolic shaped panels. The façade is in fact a protected structure and is a central element of the refurbishment project.

  • The Warren Room

    One of the architectural jewels uncovered by the refurbishment project is the Espacio Warren, located on the mezzanine between the ground floor and the first floor. The structural beams that give the space its name support the entire building and now provides the setting for the hotel’s main public areas. The beams acting as "curtains" that separate the different zones on this level: the lunch area, the bar / cocktail lounge and the hall/living room.

  • The building is laid out on a module of 83.3 cm (2.50 meters / 3), a characteristic that provides the name for the roof terrace of the hotel: the 'Terrassa 83.3'. Intended for guests and local Barcelona residents alike to enjoy, open from June through September, there is a cocktail bar and a chill out zone offering exceptional views over downtown.

  • View of the rear facade from the internal courtyard of the block

  • In order to achieve an energy-efficient and technologically advanced building a highly innovative HVAC system that substantially reduces energy consumption has been installed. The system has a refrigeration plant which reuses all the heat released by the cooling process within the hotel's public areas in order to heat the domestic water consumed by guests. This type of air conditioning system is feasible thanks to the distinctive Mediterranean climate of Barcelona. The building also has solar panels for its own electrical power consumption requirements.

  • A hotel bedroom featuring understated luxury furniture and finishes

  • The Royal Hotels Group also manages another hotel in  the centre of Barcelona, ​​Hotel Royal Ramblas, opened in 1973.

  • Breakfast room adjacent to the Warren Room