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Hat Shop

PRODUCT: everything hat and accessories related. The top labels on the market, the most prestigious and most current, as well as new items that incorporate emerging new materials. Núria Arnau, Borsalino, Goorin, Stetson, Helen Kaminski, My Bob, Bailey’s... Showroom: Celine Robert, Ophelie Hats, Núria Arnau, Tout en Tête, Querubina, Maria Araujo... HIGHLIGHT: managed by the same family right up to the present day since 1856, professional expertise in their field. Latest trends in headwear, basic items and the beloved cinema classics. New showroom catering for events and ceremonies with several labels and unique articles created in their workshop INTERIOR: shop dates from 1917, restored recently without loosing its original charm.. RECOMMENDED: the Panama hat collection, the always in demand Montecristi Panama hat, the classic version with leather band, the perforated straw variety… or broad brimmed women’s Panama hats.