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From source to the world

INTERIOR: Organised along the length of a bar counter with space for 17 diners leading to two separate rooms at the rear (capacity for 8 and 18) with a large table recalling rustic kitchens of old. HIGHLIGHT: The focus on home grown and home made food products, and one of the first places in Barcelona to introduce the gourmet sandwich as ´finger food´. OFFERING: The main features are sandwiches and salads, inspired by local and international sources. Made using healthy and quality ingredients, 100% free of additives, colourings and preservatives. Two distinct concepts, one reflecting Catalan cuisine including butifarra (black pudding), Majorcan sausage, cured ham, local breads, pork and other fresh local produce. The second concept is inspired by world cuisine such as the sardines from Sicilia, Frankfurt from Baviera, classic New York hamburger and Chinese delicacy Pork Buns. RECOMMENDED: The Cal Rovira sausage, Pork buns (originally from Shanghai, elevated by New York Master-chef David Chang to gourmet status. Dumplings filled with spicy bacon fat with peanut and ginger sauce). PRICE: 20 Eur.