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Red Fish

Restaurant-Bar. Club Patí Vela Barcelona

OFFERING: Traditional “surf and turf” Catalan cuisine inspired by local and seasonal products, served in a unique setting facing the Mediterranean practically on the beach.
HIGHLIGHT: Red Fish is the restaurant of the Club Patí de Vela Barcelona, a new space in the city aimed at promoting this type of boat that is popular in Barcelona and where several other water-based activities such as sail skating, paddle surfing and kayaking are also provided.
INTERIOR: The restaurant was designed by the interior designer Sonia Di Pietro together with the studio Cirera Espinet, who have integrated the building within the Barceloneta beach, following strict sustainability criteria with minimal environmental impact, featuring vertical planting and an iconic “roof garden” using different types of cactus plants.
RECOMMENDED: This bright and open space measuring 120 sq.m. offers unique views along the coast and also boasts a 250 sq.m. terrace located directly on the beach, making it an idyllic spot to hold special private events.