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OM Concept Store

A capsule concept store in Barcelona, with an avantgarde vision on fasion & design

PRODUCT: OM is a concept. OM is a statement of intent about its founders' values and passions. OM is a space where fashion meets music, design and art and where creativity and aesthetic beliefs transform commercial products into lifestyle. OM is an approach where social interaction transforms customers into friends.
HIGHLIGHT: What makes OM unique? The people behind it, their personality and style that is reflected in each and every item in the store, as they are all carefully and personally selected from the latest collections of their favourite brands such as Lost&Found Rooms, Barbara I Gongini, Reinhard Plank, Konstantin Kofta, Barbara Alan, Thom Krom, Nutsa Modebadze, Amy Glenn, Vava Eyewear, Forme d’Expression, Marsell, Cinzia Araia, Detaj, Carl Ivar, Claustrum, Scha, The last conspiracy, OXS rubber soul, Khoureanbeer ...
INTERIOR: OM is situated in a typical historic building in the heart of the Gothic district. A small concept store with a contemporary and eclectic atmosphere provided by its collection of raw and industrial details, beautiful objects, minimal techno beats, conceived with a wabi-sabi aesthetic approach.