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PRODUCT: Clothing and accessories for women, men and children, gourmet
grocery store, personal care items, everyday objects to decorate and
play with. Timeless classics for gifting yourself and others. HIGHLIGHT:
Defining itself as a refuge from everyday life, providing all the essentials
but where the mundane becomes extra-ordinary, the main aim is to enjoy
and celebrate any moment, no matter how inconsequential it may seem.
Because every new day is a day, and if we haven’t been born into this
world to enjoy ourselves, what’s the point in the first place? INTERIOR:
The multi-product window-display answers the question: What do we
need to live well? And inside, it is presented in sections what to wear,
eat and drink, what to surround yourself with... RECOMMENDED:
The small little pleasures in general. And specifically the Frescobol
1946 beach rackets; Pla shoes; the paper UFO Mobile by Anni & Bent
Knudsen, that was first exhibited at the New York Universal Expo in 1964,
and is now back in production by Livingly Design; the black garlic by Top
Garlic and the organic orange wine Litrò Bucce 2020 by Conestabile della
Staffa, energetic, with bright acidity and a saline finish.