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Women’s fashion and accessories boutique

PRODUCT: this project aims to cater for women who are interested in good design, innovation and superior quality. In order to do so Mirlett offers a wide selection of designers and labels including Katty Xiomara, Negarin London, Marimekko clothing , Uke Forever, Elementum by Daniela Pais, Loreak Mendian, Petit Bateau, Castor Pollux and Aldazabal.
HIGHLIGHT: Mirlett provides an excellent selection of exclusive collections in Barcelona, inspired by sobriety, functionality and comfort, as well as avant-garde touches, elegance and originality.
INTERIOR: located in the Born neighbourhood, the space features a rustic-industrial style with a lot of character and history.
RECOMMENDED: for a special occasion Negarin London and Katty Xiomara, elegant and sophisticated silhouettes and fabrics and impeccable tailoring. Uke Forever, minimalist and contemporary design. For colourful dressing, the originality and joy of Marimekko clothing and Loreak Mendian, and Petit Bateu with its marine inspiration. Daniela Pais and her multifunctional minimalist pieces. Aldazabal Jewellery with its punk/art-deco overtones, and the quality and excellent design of Castor Polux handbags.